Lewisburg Youth Football

Lewisburg Youth Football

Sales from this online shop will benefit the Lewisburg Youth Football program.

TIMING: Items purchased by 7/28 will be distributed at the end of August.  A second buying opportunity will be offered for mid-season delivery.  Once the product is completed, your team representative will contact you.

PAYMENT: After adding desired items to your cart, you can select “PayPal” to pay online.  You will then be able to use your PayPal balance or debit/credit card to finalize payment.  Select “Check” payment if you’d rather hand in money to your team representative.


2019 Printed Design                               Embroidered Letter “L”                  Biggest Fan Design (silver & green glitter)

Design colors will vary depending on product color.  Samples of many items are available!

Fundraiser Merchandise